The Onslaught of New Media

I was finishing up a presentation for a Journalism class tonight.  One of my final presentations of my college career.  The topic was new media, and the use of multi media in Journalism.  The fact of the matter is that multi-media floods out lives.  It is everywhere, as we rely on the internet for most anything these days…especially news.

We like our news on the Internet because it is instant, or as instant as official news can be.  And with the invention of the Flip Video…footage can be so personal.  We also like our news on the Internet because it is convenient.  We can watch it when we are ready…we can always just flip to You Tube.

Working on these last projects of my final semester of college, I received several texts about the news of the moment…of the century, maybe.  “Osama Bin Laden is Dead.”  I think about watching the news, live as it streams into the public, glued to the television.  As a nation, we do this for a variety events from national disaster to the wedding of european royalty.  I think about being huddled around the television, waiting for the latest news in the Virginia Tech, or 9/11…and I almost go right in and turn on the news.  But, then I think about all the work I have to do, and I decide to watch it on You tube later.

But, just then, my son wakes up, and I go into the living room where he happens to be sleeping tonight, and I turn on CNN just in time to hear the last few minutes of Obama’s speech.  And it is magical to see it live, to get the chills up your spine as you hear the confirmation you have been waiting for, or maybe have been dreading…as was the case with 9/11.

And then, I watched, live, the crowds around The White House, hearing the din of people at first as the CNN reporter tries to communicate over the rising tide.  We see Americans flags waving and cameras flashing, and I hear the reporter say that, “Social Media is lighting up with this news.”

And again, I am brought back to New Media…and the power of these new mediums for news.  I realize I must get back to work, and put everything together for the end of my senior year.  I walk reluctantly away from CNN, feeling the draw of actually watching the news unfold right in front of me on the television in my living room, with the rest of America.  But, I return to my work, left again with the thoughts of Social Media, the Internet, and all forms of telling a news story.  I think of Osama Bin Laden, dead…and I cannot wait to see the pictures of his body.  I wonder if I will see the news article through my Facebook before I see it in a publication, and there will there be pictures and videos and voice over.


About elizaplayer

I am a rock and roll wild child, who spent too many years living the party lifestyle before the winds and rains of Hurricane Katrina began to wash away all the madness, nearly drowning me in the flood waters. I stayed behind in New Orleans for thirteen dark days, floundering around with the pains of addiction and withdrawal. Five years later, I managed to come out clean on the other side, and now it is time to get back to my roots. I am a writer. I have always been a writer. This is the story of a writer, struggling to make it in the real world. I studied Mass Media Communication with a minor in Journalism. I write anything and everything. This is a sample of my work, and a slice of my mind.
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