First Loves…

Thinking back to the days

Of innocence

And youth.

Thinking back to the days

Before my heart was corroded

And black.

Thinking back to all the pain

Inside and out,

Years and years of abuse

Some self inflicted

And others suffered

At the hands of another…

Some wounds too deep

To ever heal.

And forever, I am altered.

Can we ever really go back?

Once innocence is gone..

Is it lost forever?

Why is it, then…

That I feel like a kid again.


About elizaplayer

I am a rock and roll wild child, who spent too many years living the party lifestyle before the winds and rains of Hurricane Katrina began to wash away all the madness, nearly drowning me in the flood waters. I stayed behind in New Orleans for thirteen dark days, floundering around with the pains of addiction and withdrawal. Five years later, I managed to come out clean on the other side, and now it is time to get back to my roots. I am a writer. I have always been a writer. This is the story of a writer, struggling to make it in the real world. I studied Mass Media Communication with a minor in Journalism. I write anything and everything. This is a sample of my work, and a slice of my mind.
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One Response to First Loves…

  1. I really loved and was able to relate to this poem.. It has touched me in a few different ways.. Thank you for sharing your poetry.. I was searching for recovery poems when I discovered your writings..

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