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I often use poetry as a a jumping off point. Much of my poetry is written off the cuff, to get the blood flowing, so to speak. I think this is important here because it highlights how my brain works, and how it flows, freely…often like my blood.

But, my blood can run freely one minute, spilling out, bleeding onto the page, and the next minute, my words sit coagulated in the bottom of a spoon.

The Little Girl

The little girl Learned how to dance, That summer, Spinning and twirling Into worlds unchartered.   That little girl, Evolved into Something much more That summer As her heart began to thump Like a grown up And she knew What … Continue reading

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First Loves…

Thinking back to the days Of innocence And youth. Thinking back to the days Before my heart was corroded And black. Thinking back to all the pain Inside and out, Years and years of abuse Some self inflicted And others … Continue reading

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Freeform and Off the Cuff

Sometimes, I crave just The emptiness. I think About that wooden floor Beneath my platform heels Feet spinning below me, And my head spinning Above me And all the edges are hazy.   The burgundy velvet curtain Tilts back and … Continue reading

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Words Flow…Warm Up

Words flow, freely Before the fail, miserably Falling onto the souls Of the unfortunate.   Vipers prey Sucking the lifeblood of the weak And the kind. But life always Returns the favor…

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